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Enhancing Water Infrastructure at JFK International Airport with Grace Industries

Grace Industries of New York recently acquired the Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip Vibratory Pile Driver from Alessi Equipment. This powerful equipment is now mounted on a Komatsu PC360 and is actively engaged in a significant project at JFK International Airport.

Grace Industries secured a contract with the NYC Port Authority to perform utility work necessary for the installation of a new water main system. This system will serve as the primary water supply for the airport. To achieve this, Grace Industries is using the Gilbert Grizzly to install 30-foot sheet piling in tandem with the installation of new water mains.

This efficient collaboration between machinery and expertise is a testament to the ongoing innovation in the construction industry. The Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip Vibratory Pile Driver, distributed by Alessi Equipment, is playing a pivotal role in enhancing JFK Airport’s infrastructure for years to come.