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A project in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve

The Action Progex team, based in Sainte-Marie, Quebec, recently acquired a Gilbert MG-90 side-grip Pile Driver for a construction project in the Laurentides wildlife reserve. The project involved the construction of a detour for a creek, which required the installation of sheet piles in difficult soils.

The use of a Pile Driver was essential to install the sheet piles accurately and efficiently. After careful research, Action Progex opted for the Gilbert MG-90 side-grip Pile Driver because of its ability to operate under difficult conditions and its reputation for providing accurate results.

Once the Pile Driver MG-90 arrived on site, the Action Progex team was immediately impressed by its robustness and ease of use. The operators quickly mastered the operation of the Pile Driver and began to install the sheet piles with great precision.

The project went smoothly thanks to the use of Gilbert’s Pile Driver MG-90. The Action Progex team was able to complete the installation of the sheet piles on time and with high quality results. In addition, the MG-90 Pile Driver optimized costs and minimized disturbance at the construction site.

Ultimately, the investment in the Gilbert MG-90 Pile Driver proved to be a wise decision for Action Progex. Not only has this enabled this specific project to be completed, but it has also positioned the company to succeed in future projects that require accurate and efficient installation of sheet piles.

Gilbert Vibratory Pile Driver