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Langdale Forest Products

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Langdale startup, a success story

A yellow and white Gilbert industrial planer is being used in a wood processing plant. The machine is connected to a ventilation system and has multiple control panels. The Langdale Forest Products Co. logo can be seen on the right side of the photo.When Langdale Forest Products in Valdosta Georgia decided to invest in a new planer, they turned to Gilbert Products for their reliable and efficient machinery. The Gilbert Planer was selected for its ability to handle large volumes of wood and produce high-quality finishes that meet the strict standards of the mill.

To ensure a smooth installation process, John Lindsey, the Mill Manager, and his dedicated team worked closely with the Gilbert service team. The installation was completed quickly and without issue, with both teams working efficiently to get the planer up and running in a timely manner.

Following the start-up, Langdale Forest Products was very pleased with the results. They stated that it was one of their best projects in many years.

The successful installation of the Gilbert Planer at Langdale Forest Products is a testament to the quality and reliability of Gilbert Products machinery. This installation will serve as a showcase for the Southeastern USA territory, demonstrating the efficiency and productivity that can be achieved with outstanding team work.