Features and benefits

Strengths of the Grizzly








Power and versatilty

Our lateral clamping system 3PAS allows a 3-point grip that is similar to the bearhug wrestling hold also called the bodylock. This holding system gives the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip a maximum holding force and ensures optimal energy transfer from the vibrating unit resulting in faster pile driving. Our system is incredibly versatile allowing the handling of different types of materials with the same set of clamping devices. The patent-pending 3PAS design is exclusive to the Gilbert’s vibratory pile driver.


Speed = Productivity

The removable lateral jaws, with their fast Quick-Change feature, allow you to go from one application to another in no time. Designed for handling sheet piles and H-beams, the jaws are easy to remove. Switch to round pile driving mode in less than five minutes on site and avoid wasting time.



Maximum safety

Our engineers have designed a vibratory pile driver for the worker’s safety first. The system, standard on each of the hydraulic cylinders, allows the jaws to remain tightly closed in case of a broken line. The material stays locked in the clamping device thus eliminating the risk of accident. Moreover, a hydraulic accumulator ensures a constant grip on the closure of the side grips and lower jaws for safe handling at all time. The Gilbert’s vibratory pile driver helps you create a safer work environment at all time.


Control and durability

Our HD360° rotation system has an exemplary track record. Tested in extreme forestry applications, the HD360° can face any challenge. The wisely selected hydraulic parts offer an unmatched smooth ride and a superior control. The operator enjoys better manoeuvrability even during the toughest operations.

Driving force

The force of impact of the vibrating unit, generated by high-strength eccentric shafts, produces an impressive centrifugal force which is perfectly transferred by the 3-Point Arm System we call 3PAS. This impact power is generated by two high quality variable-displacement hydraulic motors built for the toughest jobs. It is the ultimate vibratory pile driver to work in the most difficult soil conditions.

More features and benefits

  • Sturdy frame built with high quality steel.
  • 40 degrees inclination system offering a superior manoeuvrability and allowing an excellent control during manipulations.
  • Support stand for transportation and storage.
  • A six month guarantee, one of the best on the market, offers you peace of mind so you can concentrate on the job at hand.