Salmon habitat enhancement project

A gray John Deere excavator equipped with a Gilbert MG-90 vibratory hammer drives a wooden pile into the ground along a riverbank to create a retaining structure.The Teufel Project was located on the left bank of the lower Green River in Kent, Washington. It was a project to enhance fisheries habitat for migrating juvenile salmon. Our client, a family-owned enterprise specialized in pile driving, has obtained the job. One part of it was to drive 46, 40-foot wood piles to an embedment depth of 20 feet. The 3 Point Arm System of the Grizzly side clamping device, allowing to handle round piles from 4 to 18 inch, was a nice feature to accomplish the job. The company choose to mount the MG-90 vibro onto their 2015 John Deere 350G excavator.