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Planer conversion at Lincoln Lumber, Jasper, Texas

Over the past two decades, Gilbert has earned its title as first-class world leader in the Planermill Industry, installing hundreds of its renowned High Speed Planers in over ten different countries. In addition to these installations, Gilbert also offers upgrades for numerous other planer brands. Its state-of-the-art technology can be retrofitted on older machine models increasing productivity and efficiency, an interesting alternative for mills running on a tighter budget.

During the Portland Show 2018, Blake Barrington, Plant Manager at Lincoln Lumber from Jasper, TX started investigating for a solution to improve his plant productivity. After meeting at the Show, and a visit on site in Texas, Lincoln Lumber chose to work with Gilbert to upgrade their Yates A20 planer with a new Electric Motorization, Automatic Cutterhead Positioning system and Feed Table improvements.

In June 2019, Gilbert and Lincoln’s team successfully completed the installation. Blake Barrington, Plant Manager, states ‘’We have improved our uptime by 98%.  Before we had the electric drive system in place our planer was our choke point and now nothing stops the planer.  This was 100% worth having in our mill.’’.

Updated Yates A20 planer with new electric drive, automatic positioning and feeding systems. Updated Yates A20 planer with new electric drive, automatic positioning and feeding systems.

With the upgrades, the Yates A20 planer is now running at 200 feet per minute, with the possibility to run faster in the future. Lincoln Lumber has greatly benefited from: less maintenance, consistent speed and product flow, increased torque, improved production and less downtime.  Also, their new Automatic Cutterhead Positioning System allows fast and easy recipe changes, less downtime and a safer environment.

For over 40 years, Lincoln Lumber has served as a premium provider of high quality, value-added wood products, all grades of southern yellow pine dimensional lumber and many imported species operating from 8 locations across 4 states in the Southern United States.

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