15 Apr 2010
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Gilbert Products inc. launch a new series of snow groomers

Gilbert Products Inc. is proud to introduce a new range of snow groomers for the maintenance of snowmobile trails. The RTS Series, equipped with all-rubber tracks, allows the company to offer a solution adapted to different markets located in North America.

The company, which has nearly 20 years expertise in this industry, has recently developed a new chassis consisting of two rubber tracks powered by an agricultural tractor. The addition of this rubber track option offers great versatility and an outstanding smooth ride for more comfort for the operator; three characteristics highly valued by the market for this type of vehicle.

We are very proud of this new range of snow groomers. We are adding a product that we will support our sales growth but also to penetrate new markets, particularly the U.S., ” mention Mr. Alex Gravel, Sales and Marketing Manager at Gilbert. “Following the demonstrations conducted during the winter, the interest of snowmobile clubs is obvious and already, several orders have been confirmed,” add Mr. Gravel. The RTS Series, as its predecessors, offers the best traction and flotation in the industry.

The Gilbert snow groomers are fully designed, manufactured and assembled in a high-tech factory recently built and located in Roberval, Quebec. “Gilbert enjoys a favourable competitive position in a market where competition is fierce and international“, says Gravel.