Unexpected surprise after demolishing a large building

A powerful Grizzly MG-90 combined with a Volvo EC380L excavator rips out wooden piles within seconds, with a building under demolition or renovation in the background.After demolishing a large building, a demolition contractor located in British-Columbia found that the building was built on about 350 Creosote coated wood piles. The piles were 12” diameter, vary in length from 15-40 ft. They were put in the ground likely 40-50 years ago and had to be entirely removed. They cannot be pulled out with an excavator but, the Grizzly MG-90 combined with a Volvo EC380L, breaks them free within seconds and it takes only 20-30 seconds to remove a pile. On the second phase of their project, about 400 piles have been successfully removed using this method.