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D'Onofrio Construction

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The Gilbert MG-90 and Hammer Duo

In the heart of Brooklyn, D’Onofrio Construction took on a sewer infrastructure project, partnering with Alessi Equipment for cutting-edge excavator mounted solutions. Alessi, distributor for Gilbert Products equipment, provided the Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip Pile Driver and Gilbert Hydraulic Drop Hammer, essential for installing sheet and timber piles with precision and strength.

Alessi’s sale of advanced machinery to D’Onofrio played a vital role in the project’s success. The Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip Pile Driver handled both sheet and timber piles effortlessly, and the Gilbert Hydraulic Drop Hammer ensured a controlled powerful impact, driving the piles into Brooklyn’s soil.

D’Onofrio Construction’s Brooklyn site smoothly integrated Gilbert Products machinery, with the Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip and Gilbert Hydraulic Drop Hammer working together seamlessly. Alessi’s commitment to excellence and teamwork ensured smooth equipment operation and performance.

In the end, D’Onofrio Construction, assisted by Alessi Equipment’s Gilbert Grizzly Multigrip Pile Driver and Gilbert Hydraulic Drop Hammer, successfully improved Brooklyn’s urban infrastructure. The new sewer line stands as evidence of Alessi’s collaboration, excellence, and significant contribution to the borough’s enhanced and resilient infrastructure. Gilbert Products equipment not only drove piles into the ground but also played a crucial role in advancing Brooklyn’s overall infrastructure improvement.