RTS Series Snow Groomers

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Gilbert unique offer combines a two-track conversion kit, a front blade and a rear drag to enable farm tractors to be transformed into heavy-duty trail groomers. Equipped with all-rubber tracks, the RTS Series is built for greater versatility in a wide variety of conditions and for various needs. It can operate on dry pavement and dirt roads, as well as in mud, water or deep, powdered snow. The RTS Series is the ideal machine for snow grooming applications and winter off-road preparations.


Features and benefits



Chassis design allows optimal stability and maximum continuous grip making Gilbert snow groomer unbeatable on winding trails and steep slopes. RTS Series track’s V-type pattern helps preventing side slippage and increases traction.


Full flotation

The two 30-inch wide tracks of the RTS Series provide constant ground contact for exceptional flotation and minimum ground pressure.


Parallel motion

Gilbert two tracks design allows both tracks to operate in parallel at all times in order to maximize traction and drive through the most challenging trails !

Operator comfort

Internal drive sprockets and rubber tracks, combined with high performance suspension systems on boogie wheels, provide a smooth ride and maximum operator comfort for hours on end.


Low operating costs

Due to the modular frame design, the tractor rests on the chassis. The front blade and the rear drag are attached directly to the chassis: there is no stress on the tractor for greater durability. The simple and robust frame allows easy and fast maintenance for unmatched reliability.


Low fuel consumption

Gilbert design optimizes the transfer of energy from the tractor to the tracks ; there is no wasted energy ! Therefore, the snow groomer requires a two-wheel drive tractor which is more affordable and more fuel efficient than a four-wheel drive tractor.

All-season performance

The RTS Series works without slide system for year-long utilization.

Front blade

Gilbert’s exclusive front blade tripping system continually operates to maximize the quantity of snow going underneath the rear drag during grooming application to improve trail durability. The tripping system also protects the chassis, tractor and operator against impacts.


Choosing the tractor

RTS Series is compatible with most tractor makes and models of 100 HP and more.
Click here for a list of tractor makes and models approved.

Available options



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