Grooming Drags

Niveleuse Gilbert Grooming Drag.7
Gilbert drags have been grooming the snowmobile trails for over 25 years. No matter what the snow conditions are, it is easy to recognize trails that have been maintained with a Gilbert drag: surface is perfectly smooth, perfectly hard packed snow and trails are free of bumps and moguls. Gilbert grooming drag is equipped with six multi-blades with individual tripping systems to minimize impacts and to protect the frame. The configuration of the blades maximizes the flow of snow to ensure a smooth, flat and durable trail.


Gilbert offers a wide range of grooming drags in various sizes (8, 9, 10, 11 and 11,5 feet) that are compatible with all snow grooming industrial track vehicles.


  • Storage boxes
  • Support for tags
  • Electric group
  • Auxiliary fuel tank (260 L / 70 Gal)
  • Extra channel guide for rear drag ‘’C’’ shaped
  • Brushcutter
  • List of available options



Surfaceuse Gilbert RTS Snow Groomer.4