15 Nov 2023
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Our Gilbert Service team is very busy in the southeastern USA

Many other new start-up projects in the Southeast USA for this winter/fall:

Gilbert is presently starting up a Gilbert 6 Roll Planer at Weyerhaeuser Holden, LA

Interfor Thomaston, GA is currently doing the installation of a Gilbert 6 Roll Planer, which should be ready for start-up in Spring 2024.

West Fraser, Russellville is adding a splitting module to their existing Gilbert Planer.

In 2013, Gilbert sold a Gilbert 6 Roll Planer to Bibler Bros in Russellville, Arkansas. The sawmill eventually was sold to West Fraser. Over the years, the mill o

pted for many new upgrades to keep the machine up to date with its latest technologies.

In 2023, Gilbert sold a Splitting Module to install at the end of the planer. The splitting module will be used to split 2x8s into two pieces of 2x4s.

With its sawblade and saw to

ol configuration Gilbert offers the fastest splitting module in the world!