Gilbert unique offer combines a two-track conversion kit, a front blade and a rear drag to enable farm tractors to be transformed into heavy-duty trail groomers. Through the years, the MCS Series has built itself a strong reputation in the snow grooming industry. Introduced in 1993, Gilbert two-track system has provided the snowmobile clubs with an innovative grooming solution to meet the challenges in terms of low operating costs, flotation, security and maintenance. Equipped with steel cleat tracks, the MCS Series, also known as The Trail Master, is the perfect snow groomer for deep and powdered snow conditions.

Features and advantages


  • The Gilbert MCS Series trail groomer is ideal for winding trails in heavy snowfall conditions. Its superior maneuverability and low ground pressure literally allow it to glide over the surface for effective operation in any conditions.


  • MCS Series’ steel cleat tracks, made of specially shaped high resistance steel alloy, operate with an exclusive and patented slider system that allows exceptional flotation and constant contact for maximum grip.


  • Internal drive sprockets and rubber tracks, combined with high performance suspension systems on boogie wheels, provide a smooth ride and maximum operator comfort for hours on end.


  • The trail groomer’s simple yet durable modular structure provides unparalleled reliability on snowmobile trails, and lower maintenance costs.


  • Gilbert design optimizes the transfer of energy from the tractor to the tracks ; there is no wasted energy ! Therefore, the snow groomer requires a two-wheel drive tractor which is more affordable and more fuel efficient than a four-wheel drive tractor.


  • Gilbert flont blade is equipped with an exclusive release system to protect the structure, tractor, and operator against impacts from objects on the ground for safe operation in any conditions.

Technical specs

Modular frame9 feet wide one-piece
Rubber TrackTwo rubbe tracks with steel cleat tracks 28 in.
ComfortCab suspension system (on selected tractor models) High performance suspension system
Front bladeSix way front blade with exclusive progressive release system
Fuel Tank330 litres (90 gallons)
Rear Drag FloatSix individual blades and front blade tripping system
Compatible tractors110 HP and more
Brush protector guard for cabinOptional
Pivoting anti-friction wheelsOptional
Intermediate crawler tracksOptional
Ensemble de traverses intermédiairesOptional
Crawler track support kitOptional

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