Time to split… time to profit

The Gilbert Splitting Module, fastest in the world, ensures precision and impeccable lumber quality. The module can be attached to a planer to split lumber or make special profiles. It can also be installed on an independent production line to split lumber at high speeds.

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Features and advantages


  • Most flexible profile module on the market!
  • Any type of tool can be installed.
  • It operates with the same ‘’HydroGrip’’ system as used on Gilbert planers.

Superior grade

  • Gilbert profile module ensures precision and impeccable lumber quality.
  • Its sturdy, heavy-duty frame prevents vibrations.

High speed

  • Gilbert profile module speeds up to 2400 f/min (725 m/min).

Automatic adjustments

  • The profile module can be controlled by the automatic positioning system.
  • Easy to use, the automatic positioning system allows efficient recipe changes, greater flexibility in production, less downtime and a safer environment.


  • The profile module is fully electric which reduces energy consumption.
  • The electric system reduces maintenance and operation costs.
  • Eliminating hydraulics permits safer operations.


  • The automatic positioning system allows operators to remotely control the Gilbert profile module, reducing the risk of injury.


  • The profile module requires very little maintenance.

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