Smooth landing

The Slow Down Belt is designed to decelerate lumber from high speed planers. It gently slows pieces down without damaging the wood.

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Features and advantages


  • Gilbert Slow Down Belt changes position according to production.
  • Slow Down Brushes are used to maintain contact with boards on belt.
  • Aggressive belt leaves no marks on the wood.

Automatic adjustments

  • The Slow Down Belt can be controlled by the Automatic Positioning System.
  • Easy to use, the Gilbert Automatic Positioning System allows efficient recipe changes, greater flexibility in production, less downtime and a safer environment.


  • Fully electric, the Slow Down Belt reduces energy consumption.
  • The electric system reduces maintenance and operation costs.
  • Eliminating hydraulics permits safer operations.


  • The Automatic Positioning System allows operators to remotely control the Slow Down Belt, reducing the risk of injury.


  • The Slowdown Belt requires very little maintenance.

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