Saw Discs

Gilbert offers a complete line of blades and saw teeth tested for various conditions of your operations. Whether you are in hardwood or softwood, in difficult terrain, rocky or anywhere else, we simply offer the highest value cutting solutions in the marketplace.

Gilbert saw discs offer an unmatched quality of cut. Well-adapted to the speed of today’s feller bunchers, our saw discs avoid damaging the wood fibre, while offering unparalleled performance and productivity.


Lame de scie Hi-Cut II Gilbert Saw Blade.2The Hi-Cut II is a one-piece, machined saw disc. Its design allows for optimal clearance of the tree support plate. This saw disc makes a clean and precise cut.

  • It works well on both hardwood and softwood.
  • Its 22 teeth offer a smoother cut (vs. 16 or 18) requesting less energy to the feller buncher.
  • Its thickness offers less flexion and torsion of the disc for better durability and prevents from cracking.


1200H saw disc offers welded teeth holders which maximize accumulation on the tree support plate. This saw disc uses the Hi-Cut tooth, the best value on the market. Its machined disc, combined with careful attention given during the assembly process, produce a reliable and precise saw disc of high performance.


Saw disc with bolt-on tooth holders, the Edge Series offers a superior inertia flow which allows a clean cut and offers superior durability where impacts are frequent. Replacement of tooth holders can be done quickly and easily on job site to reduce downtime.