Saw Teeth

Gilbert offers a complete line of blades and saw teeth tested for various conditions of your operations. Whether you are in hardwood or softwood, in difficult terrain, rocky or anywhere else, we simply offer the highest value cutting solutions in the marketplace.

All Gilbert teeth are made from highly durable, tempered steel of superior quality.



The Hi-Cut tooth offers a tapered front shape which maximizes the volume of material on each tip, thereby, increasing resistance to impact. Its flat back ensures a solid and stable seating. Sharp and long-lasting, this tooth permits a precise cut without effort. It is available on our Hi-Cut II saw disc in 2 inch and 2.25 inch sizes. Also available in aggressive or standard profile, it is our most popular model.



The V-Cut® tooth is built tough. Ideal for rocky areas, it is highly resistant to impact. Its sharp corners offer an excellent cut quality, while large side clearances reduce rubbing on the wood fibre. It is available in 2 in and 2.25 in sizes for our 1200H and Edge saw blade Series.



Just like the V-Cut tooth, the concave tooth offers considerable side clearance and an excellent cut quality. Its smaller size allows us to offer it at a very competitive price, which substantially lowers your operating costs. Available in 2 in and 2.25 in sizes for our 1200H and Edge saw blade Series.