Felling Heads


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Imagine all trees stacked perfectly with one head, in one operation, all at once. Imagine a felling head that does it all.

Increase your productivity with a felling head offering an above standard accumulation and an impeccable grouping of trees. Intended for a full range of logging operations, the 3000L Series is available in 18, 22, 24 and 28 in cutting size with the most recognized high rotation wrists in the industry.



  • The innovative geometry allows an accumulation of more trees in tight, straight bunches without breaking any stems, no matter the sizes.
  • The heavy duty design ensures maximum performance in hard wood as well as in multi-stem wood.
  • Gilbert unique and exclusive saw stops protect the saw drive system and the saw disc against impact and gyroscopic deflection which increases the lifetime.
  • The powerful 350 degrees wrist is strong enough to handle any size of timber (even West Coast timber).
  • The unique conical base is designed to facilitate clearance for fast saw recovery.
  • Gilbert unique bolted saw drive system allows easy maintenance and increases uptime.
  • The wide front throat opening accommodates butt flare.
  • The access to hydraulic components is easy for safe and fast maintenance.
  • Gilbert felling head excels in thinning, blown down, select and final cut applications.
  • Gilbert felling head ensures that the bunches are optimized for the skidder.