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As soon as you acquire a piece of Gilbert equipment, you will be able to count on an entire team of qualified technicians, agents and distributors, as well as a large inventory of parts that will meet your high standards.



Supporting our customers’ uptime is at the heart of our business philosophy. In order to provide simple, fast part delivery, Gilbert maintains a complete inventory at each part depot strategically located in each continent where Gilbert is active.

For help from reliable, trained parts technical staff, you can contact us by phone, fax, email or visit us in person.

Phone: 418.275.5041
Fax: 418.275.7612



Gilberts’ team of professionals is available 24/7 to provide you with fast, reliable and courteous service in order to answer any question or request you may have to keep your equipment functioning at its optimal level.

For any service request, please call us at 418.275.5041 or email us at
Our 24/7 technical support line: 418.637.0024


Documentation & Manuals

Service, parts and safety manuals are available for download through our online documentation center. If you do not already have a login and password, please send your request to



If you already own a Gilbert product and would like to submit a warranty claim, you may do so online by filling out the form below or by printing out the .pdf file. You may also contact us directly at 418.275.5041. Please note the information required is identical.

Warranty Claim Form: Download the PDF

Note: This form is for the sole purpose of submitting a claim regarding a possible manufacturing defect.