Company History


Entreprise S.G. is founded as a maintenance and repair service for sawmilling equipment.


Les Equipements Industriels de Roberval Inc, specialized in the production of spare parts intended for Entreprise S.G., is created.


Introduction of the first Gilbert felling head.


Les Équipements Industriels de Roberval brings another innovation into the market: the unique Gilbert snowgroomer for snowmobile trails grooming. The success of this product combine with the growing demand for felling heads compel the first expansion of the physical plant. The company name is changed for Gilbert-Tech Inc.


The company starts the marketing of its unique high rotation system for felling heads. This innovation will literally modify the logging operations by increasing significantly the productivity.


First exports to the United States.


After two years of R&D, Équipements Gilbert tests the first Gilbert planer prototype. This product is designed to serve the needs of second wood processing factories always looking for better ways to increase their productivity. The company becomes the only Canadian manufacturer of high performance planers.


The first Gilbert chipping board edger is installed. It’s designed to facilitate and improve the recovery of wood and offers the possibility to manipulate highly fragile pieces.


  • Introduction of the first high-speed planer with an operating speed reaching up to 2000 linear feet per minute. This planer surpasses the maximum production of all imported planers by 33%.
  • Équipements Gilbert, Entreprise S.G. and Gilbert-Tech merge together under the name of Les Produits Gilbert Inc (Gilbert Products Inc).
  • Gilbert Products Inc. becomes ISO 9001:1994 Registered.


  • Gilbert Products enters into an OEM agreement with Timberjack-John Deere for the commercialization of the high rotation felling heads for the North American markets.
  • Gilbert high-speed planers continue to evolve. With a maximum speed of 3000 feet per minutes, the first unit is successfully installed at the Chantiers Chibougamau factory.


  • Gilbert telescopic stick boom is introduced; this innovation allows the forestry machines to have a larger cutting area without moving the feller buncher.
  • The reputation of Gilbert snowgroomers is growing and the performance of the machine represents huge advantages for snowmobiles clubs.


  • Gilberts’s innovative pull-through technology sets the new standards in the sawmilling industry. This technology offers fast ROI.
  • Gilbert Products is ISO 9001-2000 Registered.


  • Introduction of Gilbert 6 roll planer. Compact design, highest efficiency and no bridge: an industry first !
  • Gilbert planer-moulder is launched on the market. It is designed to do all profile and special products as well as construction products through the same machine.


In order to respond to the growing demand for high-speed planers, felling heads and snowgroomers, Gilbert Products invests in a new state-of-the-art factory.


Gilbert develops and introduces the new RTS Series groomers equipped with rubber-tracks. It’s an instant success based on performance, versatility and comfort.


Gilbert Products is ISO 9001-2008 Registered.


Gilbert Products celebrates its 25th Since its foundation, the company distinguished itself with versatility and capacity to innovate by pushing its products toward the highest levels.


Gilbert launches GM Series : bruschcutter-mower, a patented concept, that attaches to the side of a motor grader for roadside maintenance.


A new division is launched: Gilbert Construction Division. It includes a serie of vibratory pile drivers marketed under the name GRIZZLY MultiGripTM.


  • Gilbert celebrates its 30th anniversary. The company is internationally recognised for the quality of its equipment and the diversity of its offer.
  • The company introduces the S-Series planer. Ideal for small to mid-sized lumber operations, the S-Series Planer is designed to run at feed speeds from 300 to 2000 FPM and is the ultimate machine to produce value added products.
  • Gilbert launches the Gilbert RTS Classic Snowgroomer, the latest snowgroomer model of the RTS Series.